Just a short list outlining the things that could put your home loan transaction in jeopardy:

  1. Don’t take any work days off or work short days.
  2. Don’t change jobs.
  3. Don’t quit your job.
  4. Don’t deposit any CASH into your bank accounts.
  5. Don’t deposit any checks (other than payroll checks) into the bank.
  6. Don’t deposit or transfer any money from your gift donor’s account.
  7. Don’t make any large purchases.
  8. Don’t use your credit cards unless absolutely necessary.
  9. Don’t open or close any credit cards.
  10. Don’t allow anyone to pull your credit.
  11. Don’t delay on getting the requested documentation.
  12. Don’t get frustrated. All borrowers now have multiple hoops to jump through.

If you feel you absolutely have to do any of these items call us first. If you don’t, it may cost you your house. Call us anytime.