Loan Documentation Checklist

Just a short list outlining the things that you need for getting approved.

Please provide documentation for all borrowers qualifying for loan.

Social Security Card(s)

Driver License or Identification Card(s)

Immigration Card (front & back)(if applicable)

Paystubs – 1 month Current

Other Income – Social Security, Disability, etc. (1 month Current)

Employer Name, Address, Phone Number (if not on paystub)

Most Recent 2 Years Federal Tax Returns

Most Recent 2 Years W-2’s or 1099’s (if self-employed)

Most Recent 2 years Corporate Tax Returns (if applicable)

Business License (if self employed)

Bank Statements – Most Recent 2 months (all pages front and back)

Retirement Accounts, Savings Accounts, etc. – 2 months (all pages)

Mortgage Statement (existing property)

Insurance Policy (existing property)

Our #1 priority is making sure you have everything you need.

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If you are missing any of these items call us first.

If you don't, it may cost you your house. Call us anytime.

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